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HIPPO: A program for prediction, visualisation and analysis of receptor-ligand interactions

Zsolt Zsoldos
School of Chemistry
University of Leeds
Leeds, LS2 9JT
United Kingdom
Presentation held at:
MGMS meeting on Molecular Interactions
April 1996, York, United Kingdom

1: Title page
2: Hydrogen bonding sites
3: Complex H-bond sites
4: Target sites in HIPPO
5: Target sites in HIPPO
6: Interaction surface and hydrophobic grid
7: A ligand within its cavity
8: Unsatisfied parts of the cavity removed
9: Example: 2TMN
10: Example: 1TMN
11: Example: 5TMN
12: Example
13: Example: Thrombin
14: Example: Hirudin
15: Acknowledgement